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Panama’s New Brand Platform Connects Community And Tourism, Inspiring Travelers To ‘Live For More

Panama’s New Brand Platform Connects Community And Tourism, Inspiring Travelers To ‘Live For More

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA – SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 – Panama announced the launch of its new tourism brand platform anchored by the tagline “Live for More.” The brand is a beacon of Panamanian pride, rooted in the country’s sustainable tourism vision and inspired by its radiant culture, rich history and biodiversity. It inspires purpose-driven travelers to make a positive impact on the destination through its immersive tourism offerings.


“Utilizing our five-year Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism as a roadmap for the decentralized development of the industry, we’re reimagining our approach to sustainability through tourism by investing in our country’s vibrant and unique attributes, while empowering local communities,” said Ivan Eskildsen, Panama’s Minister of Tourism. “This includes our culture, natural wonders and, most importantly, our people who are the heartbeat of Panama.”


The launch of this new brand is not only a symbol of unity and progress for Panamanians; it is also a force that speaks to the discerning traveler in search of untapped, regenerative experiences that will rekindle their spirit of discovery and adventure. This audience also seeks to transform themselves and change their perspectives through travel. “Live for More” invites these travelers to seek stimulation, belonging and meaning in Panama on their pathway to self-discovery by gaining greater appreciation of its heritage and supporting local communities through tourism expenditure. Sharing aligned values with Panama’s vision for sustainability, the discerning traveler is key to propelling the destination’s plans for tourism forward.


“As a brand platform, ‘Live for More’ takes a unique approach to promoting the destination by drawing its inspiration from the Panamanian people, and placing them at the center of it all along with the visitor,” said Woodrow Oldford, PROMTUR Panama’s Chief Marketing Officer. “It evokes Panamanian pride and authenticity – ensuring that in connecting with the discerning traveler, every Panamanian delivers on the brand promise of radiating with life.” 

Drawing on Panama’s longtime heritage as the bridge of the world, “Live for More” conveys the country’s offerings as an exuberant purpose-led destination that both beams with life and connects travelers to its deep cultural roots. It awakens travelers with the intrigue, energy and power of worlds converging in this small, yet mighty country. The initial launch leads with immersive visual elements including a new logo, a hero film, a redesigned website, new photography and a series of digital content published across the brand’s social media channels. 


“We’re incredibly proud to be sharing our new brand platform which truly captures the essence of Panama’s offerings as an immersive, inclusive and enriching destination,” said Fernando Fondevila, PROMTUR Panama’s Chief Executive Officer. “It embodies the vigor and inspiration we wish travelers find in Panama, through enriching experiences that connect them with our culture, our history and our people, making a lasting impact that lives within them long after their visit.”

The “Live for More” brand platform is founded on Panama’s Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism, recently recognized by UNESCO as an example of innovation and sustainability, highlighting Panama’s unique tourism routes. The plan reactivates Panama’s Tourism, Conservation and Research (TCI) strategy, and focuses on three core areas: Cultural Heritage (multifaceted culture), Green Heritage (extraordinary biodiversity) and Blue Heritage (ocean wonders).

“Combined with our Master Plan, the launch of this new brand is a pivotal step in attracting quality travelers that aspire to make a difference, serving as a catalyst to improve the quality of life of local communities, while conserving and protecting our natural and cultural resources,” added Minister Eskildsen.


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About Panama Tourism 

The Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) is the Panamanian Government entity that aims to strengthen tourism as a strategic economic sector of Panama, through the Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism (PMTS) 2020-2025. Developing a sustainable model that generates an increase in employment nationwide, integrates communities, articulates the territories and increases the competitiveness of the industry. 

Additionally, PROMTUR Panama is the official destination marketing organization (DMO) whose primary purpose is to promote and market Panama internationally. PROMTUR works closely with the ATP to further propel the country’s international promotion as a world-class tourist destination.  

Together, ATP and PROMTUR work to promote Panama’s rich history, culture, natural beauty and remote locations, which are experienced through the destination’s three heritage pillars  – Cultural Heritage (multifaceted culture), Green Heritage (extraordinary biodiversity) and Blue Heritage (ocean wonders).   

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