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Don’t let the Parade Pass you by! – Simply Sales with Scott 

Written By: Scott Koepf, Vice President of Strategic Development – Cruise Planners  


In the last post I explained how Dolly Levy, the title character in Hello Dolly is really the perfect analogy of the ultimate travel advisor.  By ‘arranging things’, she creates extraordinary happiness for her ‘clients’.  However, even Dolly with her vivacious outlook on life needs to remind herself of all of the opportunities in life.  Travel advisors need to do the same!  And while obstacles will appear, you must understand that life is like a parade of exciting new opportunities.  And like Dolly you need to sing: Don’t let the Parade Pass you by!


Before the parade passes by 

 I’ve gotta get some life back into my life 

I’m ready to move out in front  

I’ve had enough of just passing by life 

With the rest of them, with the best of them 

I can hold my head up high 

For I’ve got a goal again 

I’ve got a drive again 

I wanna fell my heart coming alive again 

Before the parade passes by 

While travel advisors provide adventures, you have to remember that life itself is an adventure.  This song is all about confidence and taking a risk to be ‘with the best of them’.   So, like Dolly, hold your head up high and know that what you do is a valuable and needed service. 


We also learn from Dolly that all clients are important and have different dreams.  Sometimes in the travel business, we get caught up in words like ‘luxury’ and try to define it.  The fact is that luxury is different for each client.  For some it is the top of the line, over the top service, but for others it is someone else making the bed and doing the dishes.  In other words ‘Elegance’ is a state of mind that you can deliver to anyone.  As two of Dolly’s clients discover: 


We’ve got elegance, we’ve got built in elegance 

And with elegance…elegance…elegance…elegance…elegance 

We’ll carry it off! 

Dolly created a story and her clients saw themselves in it.  This is the perfect job description of an exceptional travel advisor.  Your job is painting the picture so compellingly that your clients are there before they are really there! While many thought that travel advisors were doomed, the opposite is currently happening.  The resurgence of travel advisors is like the most famous number from this musical where Dolly is welcomed back in grand style.  Instead of waiters, picture your clients singing and dancing for you with a slight adjustment to the lyrics:  


(Clients sing) 

Hello Advisor! Well, hello Advisor! 

It’s so nice to have you back where you belong 

You’re looking swell, Advisor 

We can tell, Advisor 

You’re still glowin’, you’re still crowin’ 

You’re still goin’ strong. 

(You sing) 

So here’s my hat fellas 

I’m stayin’ where I’m at, fellas 

(Clients sing) 

Promise you’ll never go away again! 

When you are glowin’ and crowin’ and going strong, your clients will make you promise to stay.  Just have confidence, know that you help provide memories that last a lifetime and don’t let the great opportunities of today pass you by.  The truth is, in only a moment clients have the opportunity to see that they need you for life!  Or with another slight variation on lyrics, your clients will sing to you: 


It only takes a moment 

To talk with you and then 

My heart knows in a moment 

I will never be alone again